Limitations of Confidentiality:   It is understood (and agreed) that all statements, whether written or verbal, with your counselor are of a confidential nature and ethically cannot be disclosed without written consent with the following exceptions that will result in confidentiality being waived.

1.  Suspicion of child/elder abuse – We are mandated by law to report child abuse or suspicion of child/elder abuse of any type to the proper authorities and/or the right to cause a report of child/elder abuse to occur.

2. Threats to harm self or others – We are mandated by law to disclose to the appropriate person, agency or civil authorities any threats of harm that a person may attempt or desire to do  to one’s self or to others.

3. Necessity of supervision – To insure the highest quality of counseling outcome, our office functions as a “team.” As a result, your counselor or intern may be working under the supervision of another licensed professional clinical counselor. In addition, staff counselors also utilize peer supervision on an ongoing basis to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.  This supervision will be held in the same level of confidence as your sessions. 

4. Necessity of consultation – We reserve the right to consult with other counseling professionals regarding your sessions.  This consultation will be held in the same level of confidence as your sessions.

5. When ordered by a court to release confidential or privileged information without a client’s permission, counselors seek to obtain written, informed consent from the client or take steps to prohibit the disclosure or have it limited as narrowly as possible because of potential harm to the client or counseling relationship.


CRISIS HOTLINES   1-800-784-2433     1-859-253-2511   1-800-273-8255   1-800-420-1479