​​"Because healthy minds matter!"

​Every individual and family is unique so options are important in counseling.

We are dedicated and committed to take care of all our clients; individuals, couples, and families, to understand their needs and help them exceed their goals. Because we desire to see clients exceed their goals, we offer our experience with evidenced-based counseling techniques and personal client service. We see clients from all cultures and faith backgrounds and desire to be a conduit of comfort, understanding, healing, and peace. We counsel from a Christian perspective which we have found to be full of grace, truth, freedom, restoration, and hope. 

Serving a wide range of clients from very young children to elderly, all who are unique, we value greatly and desire to help plan for every development stage of life. We consider every appointment a divine appointment and every opportunity an opportunity to share a moment in time with every individual or family as their story is being unfolded, told, and retold to perfection.


Clinical Counseling 

Life Coaching

Recovery Counseling

Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling

Grief & Crisis Counseling

Career Counseling

Spiritual Counseling 

​Relationships & Communication 



Counseling is all about helping the client to feel better, to make healthy decisions, set healthy boundaries, to move from a place of poor emotional health to good emotional health, to make connections with others, and to replace sadness, anxiety, anger, and frustration with happiness, peace, and hopefulness for the future.  We strive for good results


http://www.suicide.org/hotlines/kentucky-suicide-hotlines.html   1-800-784-2433

http://bluegrassrapecrisis.org/     1-859-253-2511

www.veteranscrisisline.net   1-800-273-8255

www.cyberbullyhotline.com   1-800-420-1479


Education & Memberships

M A - Marriage & Family Therapy

​Ph.D. Candidate


SYMBIS Certified